We offer individually tailored network analyses by applying scientific methods of social network analysis (SNA) to the online networks of your choice. In general we can identify:

•   important actors in a network
•   individual and group-specific networking patterns
•   spatial focus of a network
•   network dynamics

For each studied network a network report and map are created providing the following information:

•  a network directory with all connections
•  a network ranking with centrality indicators for all actors

•  an overview of central groups and their relationships

Network Analysis in general

With expert knowledge on network theory and practice we help you to optimze your online network strategy! Contact us now.

Are you lost in Social Media? We analyze social media accounts, hashtags and search terms on almost all platforms. By applying in-depth network knowledge you can boost your network power. Request a Twitter Network Map for free! Contact us now.

Social Media Network Analysis

Hyperlink Network Analysis

Network Strategy Consulting

A quantitative study of a group of websites that matter to you will give you great insights for your networking strategy. Besides a lot of network information you receive a ranking of all connected websites with great value for your SEO efforts. Please contact us for further information.